Americana - Lesourdsville Lake

Monroe, Ohio


I was only fortunate enough to take one trip to Americana during the time that it was closed. During a trip to Fantasy Farm park, we realized that Americana was directly next door and decided to take a quick walk through the park. I wasn't able to see a good portion of the grounds, but I was sure to snap pictures of what I did see. Those pictures are posted below. About two years after this, I was able to visit the park while it was open and operating. I rode the coaster and had a funnel cake, and really didn't spend much more time there other than that unfortunately. My understanding is that the park has since closed and many of the rides are now gone. I commend the final owner, Jerry Couch, for his attempts to keep the park alive, but unfortunately the demand just wasn't there.


The Pictures

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The Screetching Eagle lift hill.
The Screetching Eagle dips.
The Screetching Eagle and a train car.
Kiddy ride cars, the turtle and space ships.
The old time highway passed under the coaster.
Kiddy turtle car.
Mexican drink carts.
Road leading to the western part of the park.
Train stations on the way to the western section.


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