Cascade Park

New Castle, PA


The below blurry pictures were taken on a trip to Cascade Park in New Castlem PA in 2005 or so. Cascade was an amusement park, built in to a very interesting landscape, that was eventually closed and turned in to a public park without rides. There are still plenty of signs of the original amusement park, including the entrance gate, ballroom, food service stand, ride platforms, bathrooms, carousel house, and more. You see that there are still some coaster pylons and supports in the ravine. The coaster actually started by dropping off in to the ravine. Anyway... check out the pictures!


The Pictures

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The entrance arch with ballroom in the distance.
The ballroom
Food pavillion. This is still in use.
These supported the coaster where it would have passed over the creek in the ravine.
A close up of a coaster pylon.
The supports over the creek for the coaster.
One last view of those supports for the coaster. This is in the ravine.
The coaster station.
The Ravine.


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