Chippewa Lake Park

Starlight Ballroom 2


Starlight Ballroom

After standing some 82 years, the Chippewa Lake Starlight Ballroom was lost to fire on June 13th, 2002 at around 4pm. A young girl from the area was playing with fire or matches in the ballroom and accidentally started the blaze. The girl eventually confessed, although I'm not 100% sure of her fate. She was under 18 years of age at the time. The ballroom was obviously a complete loss. I was fortunate enough to visit the ballroom a few times before the fire and got a limited number of exterior shots. The ballroom was a major attraction over the years at the park and hosted countless dances, bands, shows, and more. The loss was a blow to preservationists and those who had fond memories of their days dancing in the ballroom. As of this writing, all that remains is a twisted structure of metal and brick. For a little more detail on the ballroom, check the interior pictures, HERE.


Pictures of The Starlight Ballroom before the fire.
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The main entrance to the ballroom.
From near the entrance to the park.

Looking down the lake side of the ballroom.

Under the overhang on the parking lot side of the ballroom.
More under the overhang.
Looking the other way under the overhang.


Pictures of The Starlight Ballroom after the fire.
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Looking toward the main entrance.
This is where the overhang used to be.

Burnt remains in the basement.

Toward the ballroom entrance in winter 05
A surviving room in the basement.
Toward the ballroom entrance fall 2007.


A patched together panorama of the ballroom from my early visits.


To see the entire unlabeled gallery of all of my current Ballroom pictures, click HERE

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