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Bath House

For some reason, I'm having problems figuring out exactly what year the Bath House was built. There are refrences to a previous Bath House, but I was unable to find an exact date that the most recent Bath House was put on the grounds. I can tell you that the Bath House serviced the beach and swimming area and served the obvious Bath House functions of having a changing room, rentals, etc. The upstairs of the Bath House seved as a sleeping area for park workers at times, but also appears to have had some changing rooms at one time as well. As of this writing, the Bath House is standing, although not at all structurally sound. The floors have collapsed inside of the building, and the outside is doing only slightly better. I was able to enter the building once, many years ago, but unfortunately took pictures on slide film by mistake, which I have since lost. In the basement there was what appeared to be a few props from the Jungle Larry show and some other park items, but nothing of significance to most of us. The rest of the building that I was able to go through was relatively empty aside from some empty storage boxes. The Bath House sits near a fenced off entrance road that also services cottages near the park's edge.


Pictures of the Bath House
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The front side of the bathhouse. Winter 05.
Close up of the entrace to the bathhouse from the park/front side. Winter 05.

A picture of the bathhouse from the path leading to the hotel. Winter 05.

Inside the bathhouse. Taken spring 2005.
As you can see, the floors have given way. Taken spring 2005.
The men's side of the inside. Taken spring 2005.
Stairs leading from the beach to the rear entrance of the bathhouse. Taken 2005.
Blurry interior picture. 2005
Front side profile shot of the building. 2005


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