Chippewa Lake Park

Burger Factory


Burger Factory

The burger factory, also known as Stand A for many years, stood not too far inside the entrance to the park, overlooking the lower midway area from its patio and looking across to the hotel on the opposite side. The entrance of the stand more or less served the hotel and ballroom. The building served various foods, including burgers, and was in use until the park's closing days. As of this writing, it is standing tall on the hill, although the ballroom and hotel no longer flank it. The basement, featured on another page here, was full of a few old Chippewa Lake Park items. Today the stand is in very poor condition, with several large holes in the flooring with items thrown in to them.


Pictures of the Burger Factory
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Winter 2005. The burger factory.
Spring 2005. As you can see, the building has suffered significant damage over the years.

The rear side of the building, winter 2005.

The eating area. The service windows are to the side. Spring 2005.
Someone decided to push the benches in to a hole leading to the basement. Spring 05.
An old picture of the eating area from the late 90s.
Inside the food service area.

Food preparation area.

Food service area with the flaps closed.


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