Chippewa Lake Park

Flying Cages


Flying Cages

The Flying Cages are another of the many rides featured at Chippewa Lake that were extremely popular at one time and can no longer be found. My personal experience with Flying Cages is that almost as many people stood around to watch them as what rode them... I've only stood and watched them at the carnival. They were added in the later days of the park, I believe for the 1962 season. In case you've never seen them, essentially they were counter weighted cages that pivoted in two spots to give a swinging circular motion. They were human powered. The idea was to get in the cage, and shift your weight back and forth to get the car swining from side to side. If you were a big kid, you could get the cage the entire way up and over. If you were most kids, you just envied those who could and often got hurt trying.

When I first visited the park in the late 1990's, the cages were still intact, and if not for the floors being rotted away and trees being in the way, they were still very usable. I got in one and swung a little, but it was too overgrown. Upon a later trip after 2001, I realized the cars had been taken away, most likely by locals who wanted to preserve them. As of this writing, the only thing standing is the structure and the counterweights.

**Interesting note, but if you look in the background of the classic picture at the top, you can see the open air theater in the background, and it appears to be painted orange.


Pictures of The Flying Cages
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The cages as of Spring 2005, as you can see, the cars are no longer there.
The cages as of Winter 2005.
The cages back in the late 1990s, the cars were still present at this point. You can see they were individually colored.
A poorly aimed picture of one of the cages in 1999 or so. Notice there was lots of padding.
A distant view of the cages when the cars were still there.
As you can see here, the floor was rotted away entirely.


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