Chippewa Lake Park



The Carousel

The Carousel is the heart of any classic American Amusement park. Chippewa Lake's was an Allan Herschell that was purchased used for $15,000 in the 1920s and installed in the midway. It operated until the park closed in 1978. I wasn't able to find as much info on the Carousel as one may suspect for such a noteable ride. As it ended up, the Carousel was split up when the park closed with the horses going to various parties, some at the Burbank Auction house, and one other going to the Carousel Museum in Sandusky Ohio, where it stands today. The running portion went to a firm in Illinois of which I do not know the name. As of this writing, the only sign of the Carousel in the midway is the collapsed remains of the building you see pictured above. You can find the yellow round ornate little things that are near where the post meets the roof above now on the ground in the pictures below.


Pictures of The Carousel Remains
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Not much to see in these pictures other than the collapsed building.
I tried to get a picture under the structure, but this is the best I could get.
The collapsed remains of the Carousel House.


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