Chippewa Lake Park

2009 Demolition


2009 Demolition

In 2009, the inevitable began... Chippewa Lake Park became slated for demotoltion. News articles ran, rumors flew, emails poured in, and I headed out to get some additional pictures. The news reports rumored everything from a resort, to a cooking school, to nothing... People talked of bug restorations, and ferris wheel restorations, but as of this writing, nothing was set in stone except that the park was coming down. Here are the pictures from the cold April day when I made the trip to the park. There was a constant stream of cars coming to see the remains and I was able to chat with some people at the gate. It was amazing the amount of traffic the park was seeing after being closed for thirty years.


Pictures of the grounds before demo
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The Main Gate. Previously it was tough to see pavillion A/the burger factory on the hill.
The hotel and the burger factory.

The coaster is still untouched, and still sinking.

Trees cut away.
The Burger Factory on the hill.
The Bug, rumored to be slated for restoration.
The Coaster station is much more visable.
You can see the coaster from the lake.
The ferris wheel is less impressive looking without the trees around it.
Previously it would have been impossible to see all of these things at once.
The Coaster, Hotel, Burger Factory, and Bug.
The rocket ships over the edge of the lake.


To see the entire unlabeled gallery of all of demo pictures, click HERE

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