Chippewa Lake Park

Ferris Wheel


The Ferris Wheel

I don't know many specifics about the Ferris Wheel at Chippewa Lake. I know that that the current wheel replaced and older wheel in 1946. The same Ferris Wheel stands today, although without its cars. The only notable fact I could find was that they sped the wheel up sometime in the 1940's. The wheel would have allowed the rider to look out toward the lake near the rocket ship ride. Today it stands with a large tree growing right through the center of it. I've been told that the cars, or seats, were removed by locals who would remove one, then turn the wheel by hand to remove the next, and so on. I've also been led to believe that they were sold at auction. I'm not sure which is true, but I've heard from several people the story about various locals having them. The wheel is one of the more identifying structures still standing at the park.


Pictures of The Ferris Wheel
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People always seem to love this photo and the next one... taken on one my first trips to the park.
The other picture that people seem to love.
The last of the series of pictures taken on on of my early trips to the park in the late 1990's.
The mechanism that drives the wheel... it was belt powered.
A fall picture of the wheel where you can actually see most of the wheel, and the tree that normally covers it.
The old cue railing, heaved in one part for some reason.
A winter picture, taken 2005.
The waffle stand in the foreground with the wheel in the back ground.
The wheel from the midway side.


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