Chippewa Lake Park

Main Gate


Main Gate

There isn't much you can say about the main gate. It deserves a page, but unfortunately it doesn't get much text. The gate didn't always exist. At one time, there was simply an entrance arch. The arch was removed in 1960 and a new entrance was built, but I'm not sure that it was the entrance that you see here. The look would go with that timeframe, so it is possible. As of this writing, when traveling back to the park, adorned with No Tresspassing signs, the entrance gate is the first thing you see.


Pictures of the Main Gate
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The entrance gate in fall 2000ish
Fall 2007 entrance.
Gate from the park side. Wwinter of 2005
The entrance turnstyle.
The gate, spring 05.
New No Tresspassing Signs in spring 08.
Spring 2005.
Inside the booth. Spring 05.
the outside booth. Spring 05.


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