Chippewa Lake Park

Pee Wee Golf


Pee Wee Golf

Pee Wee Golf was situated near the hotel and ballroom up on the hill on the North end of the park. It was an 18 hole course that tested the skill of any golfer. At the time it was built, it was one of, if not the, largest mini golf course in Ohio. The location was the site of the park's former open air theater. The course was built sometime during the 1940s. Today there are still remains of the course next to one of the park houses on the hill. The below pictures aren't great, but these holes are pretty well covered up these days.


Pictures of the Pee Wee Golf area
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The club house. Spring 05
One of the obsticles. Spring 05

You can barely see some of the courses here. Spring 05

Inisde the clubhouse. Old picture.
One of the more amazing things that I found is that the decorative flowers are still growing. Spring 05
More flowers. Spring 05.


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