Chippewa Lake Park

The Hotel



One of Chippewa Lake Park's greatest treasures was the Chippewa Lake Park Hotel. Over looking the lake, the Hotel was the source of countless memories for Chippewa Lake Park's visitors over the years. The hotel dates back in to the 1800's, and was still standing in the years after the park closed. The lower floor of the hotel was a food service area, originally staffed by Mac Beach's mother. The upper floors were of course the hotel area. The hotel was often booked to the max. I've received plenty of emails from patrons of the hotel who remember nice nights sitting on the porch watching the time pass.

Sometime after the park closed, the hotel was burnt down. I received an email from a gentleman who recalled having witnessed the fire, noting that some youths had been yelled at for causing trouble at the hotel, and then possibly later coming back to light it on fire. In the end, the hotel was essentially a complete loss. Today a small section still stands, but it really doesn't show much of anything at all about the scope of the original building. Below are the best pictures I was able to get of the hotel remains.


Pictures of the Hotel
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The only standing portion of the hotel.
The main floor fire place. Spring 05.

Cash Registers Spring 05.

The only standing portion. Winter 05.
Fire place in winter 05.
The standing portion from the lake side.
The basement. Appears to be a cooler.
Looking out of the basement in to where the hotel has collapsed in to the basement.


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