Chippewa Lake Park




Like any park, the midway was sort of the heart of Chippewa Lake Park. It really didn't come about until the penny arcade was built there in the 20s. From there, the Miday turned in to the main center of activity at the park. There were several rides in the midway over the years, some of the more popular being the rocket car, the dodgems, the octopus, merry-go-round, and more.

Today most of the midway is unrecognizable. There is a small paved area that originally ran past the Dodgem cars, arcade, and fun house, but other than that, most of the midway looks wooded. It becomes very difficult to figure it out if you're not looking at old pictures. To walk through the park today it would almost seem as though there were a series of seperate rides spaced throughout the park, but in reality, they were all tied together by the midway.


Pictures of the Midway
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The former bumper car building.
The fun house.

Inside the bumper car buidling.

The old park trucks have been picked over during the past 28 years.
At some point the bumper car building collapsed.
Collapsed bumper car building in the winter 05.


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