Chippewa Lake Park





This section is to basically encompus those things that didn't fit elsewhere, or couldn't fill their own section. Walking around the park, there are various small buildings, stands, ticket booths, games, light posts, etc, of which I've gathered pictures.


Pictures of the Ticket Booths
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Spring 2005 photo
Winter 2005 photo

Fall 2007 photo


Pictures of the random turnstyle in the woods



Pictures of the Waffle Stand
French Waffle Stand
Inside the French Waffle Stand

French Waffle Stand sign


Pictures of really bad condition stuff...
Games near the Coaster
Garage outside the gate, now gone

Collapsed building. The stainless equipment held up well.


Pictures of the some entrances
Sign at the main entrance from Cty Rd 19 back in the 1990's
Entrance sign structure for the Putt Putt Boats

Fall 2007 photo of the cleaned up entrance sign.


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