Chippewa Lake Park

Picnic Shelter


1970s Park Picture

Picnic Shelter

Only a small portion of the old Pavillion is still showing today. As quite a few of the buildings at Chippewa, it was lost to arson in the late 1980s. At one time, it was one of the larger and better known buildings on the grounds, housing up to 5,000 hungry visitors. Built in 1934, the "eating shed" stood near the pier, and allowed visitors to dine in the breeze of the lake. Food was served in the Sunset Dining Room, and picnic tables near by allowed for visitors that brought their own food. The pavillion actually was suspended over the lake on pylons. This allowed for the rental boats to be stored under the building in the winter. Currently, or as of this writing, the burnt remains of the bulding among the grass and weeds, and a very small but identifyable corner still stand.


Pictures of The Picnic Shelter
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The only identifiable portion of the picnic shelter.
Old picture of the remaining corner.

The corner from another angle.

The old foundation.
The supports where the building was over the lake.
Some old cooking equipment from the shelter.


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