Monroe, Ohio


Fantasy farm was a small family type park in Monroe Ohio that Andy (of and I heard about and decided to check out. We made the trek down there and found the place pretty well kept. It was being reused for kids and adults who race go-karts. Many of the buildings were empty but in decent shape. We walked around entirely unbothered for quite a while. This was in the days before digital pictures, so I didn't get many pictures, but what I did get is here. One strange note about the park is that they built turnpike and old time cars here... like the kind with the track in the center that you find at amusement parks. Anyway, other than that, there were just a few rides, some animals, and games and what not... Here are the pictures... enjoy!


The Pictures

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The sign for the hotel that used to serve the park.
The entrance gate.
The old building for the whip ride.
An old midway building.
Log cabin.
This building was where they built turnpike cars.
An office building.
The turnpike car building.
Food service building and pavilion. Strange configuration here as you can see.


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