Idora Park

UPDATED 2008! IDORA PARK is a Youngstown Ohio amusement park that suffered extensive fire damage in th 1980's. Very little remains today of the park. Inside you will find numerous pictures of the park after the fire, as well as some pictures and information about the park during its glory days.

Chippewa Lake Park

UPDATED 2008! Chippewa Lake Park near Medina Ohio still has many remains still standing as though the park was just left one day. Many rides were auctioned, but many still stand today as they have since it closed more than 20 years ago.

Heritage USA

Heritage USA. See the park that Jimmy built. This is a work in progress. The park was basically an entire resort area (2200+ acres) built by James Bakker. When James ran in to some issues, the park was closed and with the exception of a few minor attempts, was basically frozen in time. Much more info to follow, but check this one out!!

Splendid China Park

See the park that China built. Operated as recently as 2003, this subject of debate sits abandoned just miles from the entrance to Disney World. This section is still being put together, but please enjoy what is here.

Americana/LeSourdsville Lake

UPDATED 2008! Americana Amusement Park is located in Monroe, Ohio. The park has just opened and closed a few times in recent history, but now appears that it is closed for good.. Until that time it is a standing and not operating park.

Moxahala Park

UPDATED 2008! Moxahala Park is located in the Zanesville area. This park is a recent find thanks to a viewer who was kind enough to send me an email. I don't have much history on the park yet and there are basically just indexed pictures with my signature slow load time. Better page is coming eventually.

Vollmar's Park

ADDED 2008! On the banks of the Maumee River in Bowling Green Ohio sits the remains of a small family owner park that closed in 2001. See my 2006 trip pictures here!

Cascade Park

UPDATED 2008! Cascade Park is now being used as a city park without rides. Many of the stuctures still stand. I was able to grab a few pictures of the remains during a recent visit.

Fantasy Farm

UPDATED 2008! Fantasy Farm is also located in Monroe, Ohio. This park was last used as a GoKart complex for people who race their own Karts (not like magic mountain). Many of the fixtures from its amusement park days are still visable.

Euclid Beach Park

UPDATED 2008! Euclid has been converted to apartment living, but parts of the old park were integraded or untouched. I took a brief walk through last winter and snapped some pictures of what remains. Hopefully those that once visited the park will recognize a few things. Not much is left.

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