Moxahala Park

Zanesville, Ohio


I owe my Moxahala trips to a reader that sent me a tip to check it out. I went, and managed to get in and out before they auctioned most of it away. These are pictures from that trip. These were all taken before 2005. I took some additional pictures on another later trip, and many of these buildings were then gone. On this trip, it was clear that I wasn't entirely welcome there, but no one asked me to leave. I think they were confused. There were workers from Nolan amsuments, who apparently uses the grounds for storage and service on their rides, working near by, but they just watched. There were also some people in a house on the property, but they also just watched and wondered what I was doing I suppose. As it ended up, no one seemed to care, and I walked away with these pictures...


The Pictures

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The Moxahala sign.
Inside the ballroom
A canopy inside the ballroom.
Whale cars from a boat ride.
Close up.
More junk in the ballroom.
The swing ride was one of the few rides still on site.
Driven by what appears to be an old rear end housing!
Good luck untangling those swings!


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