Vollmar's Park

Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 USA


The riverside ballroom served up Skating, Dances, Food, and countless memories.


About the Park

Originally Purchased around the turn of the Century by Charles Vollmar, this small family owned park sat on the banks of the Maumee River in Bowling Green Ohio. The park actually closed in the 1940's, with the exception of a roller skating rink, until purchased by the Hofner's in 1963. It was at that point that rides were added, and the park became more of an amusement park type of environment. It was operated by Mike Hofner, and his family, for over 25 years. The park would typically open around Mother's day, and operate in to late fall. It included several flat rides, a small coaster, roller skating, food, picnicing, and much more family friendly fun. Eventually, costs exceeded income, and the rides were auctioned off... most likely due to their high insurance and maintenance costs. After auctioning the rides in the late 1980's, the park operated on its own until 2001 when the gates were closed for good. I've read accounts of the park operating with some small carnival type rides in its dying days, but I'm not sure excatly where that fit in to the picture. Like many small parks, Vollmar's simply became unable to operate from a financial standpoint, but until that point, it was an area favorite for locals. The property was to be auctioned some time in late 2002, but turn out was low and bids not adequate for the Hofner's. To the best of my knowledge, they chose to keep the park, and I'm not aware of that having changed up to this point. As of my visit to the grounds, the only remaining signs of a park were a great ballroom right on the river, an old hotel, some small pavillion and storefront type buildings, a bridge, and some sheds.