Vollmar's Park

Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 USA


The pictures were taken in 2006 on a trip I took to the Vollmar's park in Bowling Green Ohio. The park was actually suggested to me by I believe a family member of the park's owners, or perhaps a close friend. I don't recall exactly. The park, closed in 2001ish, is now sitting along the river sort of rotting away. Without having ever been to the park, its tough to tell exactly what the atmosphere may have been like. The location, along the river, is pretty neat actually, but the layout of the grounds is unusual. The ballroom, many of the shops, and other buildings, are in one section, which requires crossing a bridge, then there is another section that looks more park like with a covered bridge, and lastly, a section right when you pull in that has an old hotel. Anyway... here are the pictures I took in 2006. Sorry for the blur, but this was before my tripod days.


2006 Photographs
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Across the creek on the hotel side of the property, looking toward the ballroom.
The bridge leading over to the ballroom, and midway side of the grounds.
An entrance to the ballroom and food service on the right.
Treasures of the Orient, leading toward the ballroom.
One of the shops on the path leading to the ballroom.
The hotel and a storage building.
Looking downstream.
Looking toward the stage.
The stage.
A weird slotted mural above the dance floor entrance.
I'm assuming this was an entrance to the dance floor at one point.
Ceiling Mural, with a beem addde at some point for strength.